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The peculiarity of the vodka
“Cat Malyuta”
is its radical purity.
Of Sense. Of Raw materials.
Ingredients: improved drinking water,
grain spirit, glucose.

CULTURA presents a revolutionary product on the Russian market: KOT MALUTA vodka (radical filtration).

Russia is experiencing a turning point in its history. At each historical crossroads under extreme circumstances, extraordinary institutions were born – oprichnina.

According to the historian Andrei Fursov, over the past 500 years there have been 3 of them: Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Joseph Stalin.

The first and third were nationally oriented, the second – of the western type.

The new vodka KOT MALUTA speaks about the historical significance of the fourth Russian oprichnina.

The peculiarity of this product is its high purity. Of Sense. Of Raw materials. Of Technologies.

The product is prepared on the basis of the correct vodka recipe, from the best grain spirit, the purest artesian water from a depth of 478 meters from the Devonian aquifer, which is more than 400 million years old, using the Russian vodka technology, with multi-stage filtration through birch charcoal. Classic taste and 40% ABV strength of Russian vodka without compromise.


Ассортимент Кот Малюта 500 мл
0.5 L
Kot Maluta


Кот Малюта 500 контрэтикетка