“Radix old”

Ликеры Radix
Фон для РАДИКС2
100% натуральный
Самогон «Живой рецепт»,
сделанный по ГОСТу.
RadixРадикс Крем де касисРадикс КофеРадикс Трипл Сек1

Radix in Latin means “source, root.”

Radix turn cocktails into a source of pure pleasure.

Radix” are spirits drinks enriched with selected natural ingredients.

They are an ideal basis for taste, good mood and bright emotions!

The creation of Radix took place with the participation of top technologists from one of the oldest Russian plants BryanskSpirtProm.

For more than a century, its specialists have been proud of their ability to preserve the taste and aroma of fresh fruits, herbs and spices in their drinks.


Ассортимент Ликер Radix Tripe sec Бряскспиртпром
0.7 L
Triple sec
0.7 L
Ассортимент Ликер Radix Creme de cassis Бряскспиртпром
0.7 L
Creme de Cassis
“Radix. Triple sec”

An irreplaceable ingredient in the bar, as can be seen from the limitless number of cocktail recipes. Thanks to the aromatic spirits of orange peel, orange and lemon, the liqueur received a harmonious taste with hints of citrus fruits and piquant bitterness, as well as a delicious sweetish-bitter aroma. It is great to consume neat and also excellent in cocktails.

“Radix. Coffee”

It has a deep coffee aroma, well-balanced taste with dynamic coffee tones, and cinnamon infusion gives it a slight piquancy. Tthe ideal base for the famous B-52, the liqueur is also excellent as a digestif.

“Radix. Creme de Cassis”

Endowed with a full-bodied, well-balanced, harmonious taste of black currant. The liqueur is made from selected black currants of different varieties grown in Russia. The berries are harvested at the peak of ripening, which makes it possible to fully reveal their aroma and flavor potential.