Gastronomic “Borshchevka”

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Gastronomic Borshchevka
is Russia's first craft
gastronomic vodka.
Борщевка оригинальная 2 прозрачная

Gastronomic “Borshchevka” is the first craft gastronomic vodka in Russia. A guideline for its creation was the production technology of “noble vodka” – a drink that invariably accompanied the high-end snack table.

It was noble vodka that glorified Russia, it was given by Catherine the Great to the Swedish king Gustav, to the German king Frederick the Great, to philosophers Voltaire and Kant.

The strength of the drink is traditional for noble vodkas and drinks of that time – 38.5% ABV.

Vegetables and spices creating the taste of borsch – the most famous Russian dish in the world – formed the basis of taste and gave the name of the drink. The set of ingredients for the preparation of Borshchevka is unique, and the cabbage infusion has never been used before in the production of alcohol.

Gastronomic “Borshchevka” is intended for people who appreciate good Russian cuisine and want to get a real gastronomic pleasure from the feast.



Following the traditions of the production of noble vodkas, the new recipe combines grain distillate, infusions and aromatic alcohols obtained by maceration (infusion) followed by distillation through a copper alambic in a single bouquet. Original recipes, manual blending, environmentally friendly ingredients compose this fine craft drink.

Distillate, tinctures and aromatic spirits are blended personally by the blending master Dmitry Butyrkin. Gourmet “Borshchevka” is produced in small batches, does not contain sugar and gluten.

Maceration of eco vegetables and spices takes from 2 to 15 days.

• Repeated distillation of aromatic spirits on a copper alembic to obtain aromatic distillates.

• Additional filtration of all ingredients before blending.

• Hand-made blending of distillate, aromatic spirits and infusions from master of blend Dmitry Butyrkin.

• “Rest” in finishing vats before bottling to ripen the taste of a craft gastronomic drink.

* Maceration — the process of infusion of plants in alcohol in order to bestow its properties on alcohol and its enrichment. Thanks to this process, extractive and aromatic compounds, as well as polysaccharides and minerals, are transferred from plants to alcohol.



0.5 L
0.5 L
Hot Spiced
0.5 L
Cool Spiced


Borshchevka Original

The composition includes aromatic spirits of coriander seeds, allspice, dill, caraway seeds, cumin, rye bread, infusions of cabbage, bay leaf, smoked red chili pepper.

It has a rich aroma of fresh cabbage, black pepper and bay leaf, with bread tones and notes of fresh vegetables and caraway seeds. The taste is soft, sumptuous, with hints of light sweetness of bread, rich spices and vegetables.

Borshchevka Hot Spiced

The composition includes aromatic spirits of allspice, basil, infusions of peppers: red, black, allspice, fresh cabbage, garlic, onions, cloves.

It has a rich buttery-spicy aroma, where the tones of bread grated with garlic are clearly traced and peppery nuances with notes of spices are gradually revealed. Soft and warm taste with hints of red hot pepper develops in combination with herbs.

Borshchevka Cool Spiced

The composition includes aromatic spirits of mint, fresh dill, infusions of fresh cucumber, cabbage, ginger, lemon, and onion.

The aroma of mint and the freshness of summer herbs are clearly distinguished, with is a hint of spicy brine. Refreshingly soft, delicate taste with notes of mint, dill, fresh cucumber, fragrant herbs, with a light citrus finish.


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