Vodka “SEVER”

The North of Russia is unique,
diverse and majestic.
The pristine purity of nature,
icy rivers, deep lakes,
rocky Tor shores,
fairytale mountains and ancient forests
- all this can be found
in the land of long winter, cold sun
and generous-hearted people
Ingredients: treated drinking water,
rectified ethyl alcohol from
grain raw materials "Alpha", thawed
treated drinking water
"Arctic", sugar, aromatic alcohol
lingonberry leaf and moss (cetraria),
food supplement-pantocrine (extract
deer antlers and wapiti).
водка СЕВЕР SEVER на альфа спирте

Vodka with a classic taste, produced using Alpha alcohol and Arctic melt water. A cascade of numerous filtrations through birch charcoal and Karelian shungite makes SEVER vodka crystal clear.

The unique taste is completed by additional cold cleaning, at which the temperature drops to 4 degrees.

A blend of vodka based on melt water from the Far North. Extracted from natural springs located thousands of kilometers from modern civilization, Arctic melt water is a living organism whose age can reach several hundred years.

Unlike water from mid-latitudes, melt water is characterized by natural purity and natural softness, which in other vodkas is achieved by technological methods.



водка СЕВЕР SEVER на альфа спирте
0.5 L


Север 500 состав водка альфа



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